Hero Doctors of 2019

Thank you to all the Doctors that kindly assisted us throughout the year.

Simply put, you are awesome people, thank you!!

Unfortunately we do not have photos of all the Doctors that helped us throughout 2019 as some Doctors are a bit camera shy. Thank you Doctor Louw of Kiaat Hospital, Dr Schoeman of Mediclinic, Dr Pieter Scheepers of Busamed, Dr Carroll of Busamed, Dr Johan Eksteen of Busamed and Dr Louw of the Nelspruit eye institute.

A very special thank you to Dr Linda Kuhn and Dr Attie van Wyk and all the Doctors who organised the Lowveld Medical arts and culture fundraising dinner for us. It was a world class event and we cannot imagine how much effort you put into organizing such a unforgettable event.

I am getting on in years a little, so if I emitted to thank any person please forgive me for the error.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and may 2020 be your best year ever…..😀

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