40 days and counting!

40 days and counting!

With only 40 days before we embark on our 5670km motorbike ride through South Africa, to collect funds for children’s surgeries and a million things to still organise it is all hands on deck here at Pediatric care Africa.

We aim to collect R500 000-00 for children’s surgeries and medical care with our “Ride for a child” campaign and we need the help of EVERY bike rider in South Africa to help us achieve our goals.

Biker Brothers and Sisters we ask you to please ride with us to save a child, and to give them the medical assistance they need as some unfortunate children around us are in desperate need and situations?

We are their angels of hope and in many cases we are their only hope…

Please have a look on our website on how to get involved by clicking on www.pediatriccareafrica.org and on the route details we are going to travel. If you travel 1km or 5000km with us is up to you, but please support us by riding with and sponsoring us or get someone to sponsor you, for your ride.

Real heroes don’t fly, they ride!!

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