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Secretary: Surika van der Merwe ~ B.Iuris. LLB

Surika van der Merwe studied law and then also obtained her teachers’degree. She was a teacher and later principal of a private school. The last few years she’s been a tutor at Master Maths.


Maintain records of Board meetings and ensures effective logistics at Board
Manages and take minutes of all Board meetings.
Ensures that minutes are distributed shortly after each meeting.
Must be familiar with legal documents to note applicability during
The secretary may also be employed full time/ or as volunteer by the organization in another capacity.
The secretary must be the driving force behind social media of the organization, such as Facebook and WhatsApp and regularly report on our activities.
The secretary must regularly ensure that our organization website is up to date and current.
The secretary must co approve in conjunction with the board of Directors the appointment of the Executive director.