For more information about our campaigns or if you would like to become a monthly donor please contact our office : +27 (0) 762 295 663 or email us at

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Dear Donor,

A Baby Care Pack contains the following and is divided in three age groups: 0-6 months /6-12 months/12+ months

  1. Baby Formula Milk (water based)
  2. Nestum Porridge (water based)
  3. Nappies/Diapers
  4. Baby clothes & shoes
  5. Baby toy(s)
  6. Baby Toiletries
  7. Facecloth & towels
  8. Blankets
  9. Baby bottle & baby feeding set (porridge bowl, spoon etc.)
  10. Dummy
  11. OTC medicines
  12. Milton Sterilising Fluid

kindly contact our offices +27 76 229 5663 to arrange collection or a drop of at our offices.

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Dear Donor,

Many children simply don’t receive any medical or surgical treatment because their parents are too poor or they live in area’s where surgeries are not an option.

We are changing that, one surgery at the time, as many of them die without medical intervention.

These children desperately need your donation to make their surgeries possible.
Becoming a monthly donor allows us to plan these surgeries ahead and continue the work we do daily saving or improving a young life.