Day 125!!!

Day 125!!!!

Hard to keep up, with what day of Lockdown we are in and other Covid19 statistics as they are rather mind boggling….

One set of statistics we can keep up with, is the amount of food distributed by us since lockdown began, and up to this morning we delivered a staggering 61200kg (61.2tons) of food which translates to 174857 meals at 350g per meal.

That is a heck of lot of food folks, and we are very proud and grateful that we are able to assist our fellow man, during these exhausting and uncertain times.

All honours must go to the people and organizations who donated this staggering amount of food to us, to distribute to hungry families who otherwise would go hungry.

With almost half a million positive Covid19 cases in SA, please take all precautions to stay safe. Please do not be a COVIDIOT……!

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