HEARTFELT WARM WINTER’S DAY at BRONDAL squatter camp 29th of May 2019

We visited Brondal squatter camp for the second time today, to help them prepare for winter a bit better.

We delivered 2 tons of blankets, jerseys, jackets and shoes etc to the 1500 residents of the squatter camp of which 250 are children of all ages.

All goods are stored in the Agape church at the Brondal  squatter camp and will be equally distributed to the residents.

The children were excited and was shouting “Dokotela, Dokotela welcome” whilst running next to our vehicle…

We received so much gratitude from this community, for the little we were able to do for them to make their lives a bit better and make sure the children are warm this winter, that it was a very humbling experience. One granny kept on saying thank you and had tears in her eyes when she gave me a hug.

The need for help throughout all communities in the lowveld is growing daily and we at Pediatric care Africa will do whatever we can to help our children staying healthy, have a bit of food to eat and sleep warm at night.

We will go back with food and vegetables again soon, to help one of many of our poor

Pediatric care Africa changes childrens lifes daily!


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