Paediatrician visit

On Wednesday 18th of September 2019 we collected these two young boys from Soli Deo-Gloria Care Centre in Lydenburg and took them to see Dr. Schoeman a Paediatrician at the Nelspruit Mediclinic.

These two youngsters had been “unwell” for a while and it was time for them to visit a Doctor.

After a very thorough examination of both boys by Dr. Schoeman and with a diagnosis and script in hand, we collected their medicines from the Pharmacy and took them back to Lydenburg with their Mom.

The one boy is on a 6 month treatment and we will make sure he receives his medicines every month.

Dr. Schoeman, you were awesome and we appreciate your thoroughness and kindness. Thank you very much!

The two boys had a very long day, and was quickly fast asleep in the car on their return to Lydenburg. They were very brave and well behaved.

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