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Pediatric Care Africa
Pediatric Care Africa
Magalela 100 families!!

100 families residing in Magalela informal settlement received their IDC (Industrial Development Corporation) sponsored food parcels today consisting of 24kg of food and eggs. Their vegetables was received separate.

We have reached the end of our IDC food parcel distribution today and thanks to the very generous grant from IDC a total of 500 large food parcels, 250 parcels containing coffee, sanitary pads, toothpaste etc, 500 bags of 12.5 kg maize meal, +3800 kg vegetables, 500 dozen eggs and 500 loafs of bread was distributed since December to Brondal, Magalela, Kabokweni and Katoen with a combined weight of +- 14.3 tons.

That translate to about 40800 (Forty thousand eight hundred) adult meals at 350gr each!

A total of 250 families received 2 deliveries of food each in December and January.

IDC, on behalf of the 250 families that benefitted from your generosity over this period, we thank you very much.

Thank you for choosing and entrusting Pediatric care Africa with this awesome gift to our community.
Pediatric Care Africa
Pediatric Care Africa
Extreme heat and 3.6 tons of food to 150 families!

We had a very early start on Tuesday 12th January as we had to deliver 3.6tons of food to Brondal, Msholozi and Katoen as our first major food delivery of 2021 to persons with food insecurity.

The words “Food insecurity” sounds so benign, but very often means hungry people and people that have little or no other food than the food parcels we manage to deliver to them. December was tough on many persons as many children didn’t get food at school during this time, and with many parents unable to find a job or any source of income.

Feeding our children is critically important as children will not develop well or thrive if they do not receive enough food and it is really as simple as that. Every human have the right to food and children especially so!

Thanks to a generous grant from the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) we were able to feed hundreds of family’s in our communities, as without them that would not have been possible.

Today a total of 150 families received food parcels of 28kg per family consisting of a dry food parcel containing rice, tins of food, sugar etc and a bag of 12.5kg maize meal and finally a bag of vegetables and a dozen eggs each.
The requests and demand for food and medical assistance is growing fast as more and more people simply can’t make ends meet anymore.

We at Pediatric care Africa is grateful that we are able to assist our communities in distress and need during this tough times.

Stay safe, wear your mask and take care of each other.
Pediatric Care Africa
Pediatric Care Africa
Pediatric Care Africa

Embarking on the 2nd “Ride for a child” charity motorbike ride.

14 Feb 2021 - 6 Mar 2021
A distance 6867Km AND 14 meters around the borders of South Africa

Ride for a Child 2021 - Let's ride….!

The 2nd Ride for a Child is around the corner.

Travelling all around South Africa on motorbikes in the hope of raising much needed funds for medical treatment & surgeries for vulnerable children in need - help that in many cases literally means the difference between life and death of a child.

In 2017 Dr Andre Hattingh founded Pediatric Care Africa and his vision and total dedication of helping our children in South Africa is unwavering.

Since day one the Pediatric Care Africa team has been on a mission, to give as many children access to medical care, surgeries and medicine as we can and further to make sure no child goes to bed hungry or become malnourished, as we believe that children have the absolute right to thrive and lastly not to turn our backs on communities effected by disasters, man made or natural.

With this in mind, we needed to establish sustainable fundraising projects to generate funds to assist children with medical issues that is unable to receive appropriate treatment timeously, and the idea of “Ride for a Child” charity motor bike ride was conceived and soon became a reality. “Ride for a child” charity motorbike ride specifically benefits children in South Africa and especially children in the Mpumalanga area.

We kicked off our first 2020 “Ride for a child” with a bang and made great friends all along the route, as we establish a motorbike ride that we hope will become a fixture and tradition in the biker community of South Africa – The first ride was a great success and our friend TJ Mare who rode with us the entire route, was greatly responsible for its success.

With the 2021 “Ride for a Child” charity motorbike ride date of 14th February approaching fast, we are getting more and more excited by the day with a thousand things still to organize and very importantly to get the South African community to support our efforts.
“Simply put”, without the support of people and Companies we are nothing more than just a website, and unable to assist even one child, so we ask for your support, no matter how big or small.

To be part of our endeavour to help children you can join us on the ride for any distance you choose if you are a motor bike rider, or sponsor Dr Andre per km travelled on this charity motor bike ride or make any donation you feel comfortable with - it is up to you how you wish to support our team on their mission. Loud pipes save lives….

Kicking off in White River at the White river Square shopping centre on the 14th February at 09h00 traveling to all 4 the corners of South Africa in 21 Days – We invite you to support this very noble cause and to join us on this adventure.

For full information and route details please visit:
Pediatric Care Africa
Pediatric Care Africa
Full steam ahead!

Many parents simply don’t have money anymore to buy food for their children, and we are happy to help with baby food and nappies if we can.

We reopened on the 4th January and got busy immediately supplying baby food to parents in need and arranging Doctors’ visits to children.

2021 is predicted and expected to be a very busy year for us and our first major food distribution for 2021 is scheduled for Tuesday the 12th and Thursday the 14th January where 200 food parcels and 200 bags of maize meal will be delivered to persons in need.
A smaller delivery of 50 food parcels to be delivered on Friday 15th January. This means a total of 250 large food parcels and 250 bags of 12.5kg maizemeal to be delivered by us over those three days.

6.25 tons of food in 3 days to be delivered to people just like you and I, with the only difference being that they have no food.

“If you can’t feed a 100 children, then feed just one”
Pediatric Care Africa
Pediatric Care Africa
Hello daar almal

Dit is Betty die “amptelike Afrikaanse gelukbringer en verslaggewer” van Pediatric Care Africa hier.

Ek sal die Afrikaanse verslaggewing doen oor die 2de “Ride for a child”, liefdadigheids motorfiets rit om Suid Afrika wat afskop op die 14de Februarie 2021 vanaf White River Square in Witrivier Mpumalanga.

Ek gaan vir n afstand van 6867km en 14 meter agter op n motorfiets ry saam met n middelarige man met die naam van Andre, sodat ek verslag kan doen en lekker uitpraat oor als wat op die baie lang rit rondom Suid Afrika gebeur, en veral wat die ouens aanvang sodat hulle vrouens op hoogte kan bly.

Hoekom ek altyd saam met n middeljarige man agter op moet ry, gaan my verstand te bowe, is daar nie n pragtige jong man met n “six pack” saam wie ek kan ry nie….?

“Olaf”, my Engelse Mascot kollega en maaitjie noem my “Betty die skinder bek” maar dis nie waar nie, ek skinder nie, ek vertel….

Ons trek die 14de Februarie 2021 weg en sal weer terug wees in Witrivier op die 6de Maart 2021 so ons rit is vir 21 dae.

Ons samel geld in vir kinders se mediese behandeling en ons 1000 operasies vir n 1000 kinders program en het asseblief jou hulp nodig want 2020 was hard op ons finansies.

Kom ry n ent saam met ons, en dit maak glad nie saak watter tipe motorfiets jy ry en of jy aan n klub behoort of nie, wat saak maak is jou ondersteuning en jou teenwoordigheid en nie wat en vir watter klub jy ry nie.

Ons het dringend borgskappe nodig asseblief mense, en julle kan Dr Andre borg per kilometer om hom te help om geld in te samel vir siek kinders. Ons wil baie graag 100 operasies laat doen in 2021 om op te maak vir laas jaar dat ons vir maande en maande geen operasies kon doen nie weens inperking regulasies.

Ek hoop Covid gedra homself en interfere nie met die baie belangrike motorfiets rit nie….? Ek moet sé, dat vir so n klein virussie hy nogals baie nonsense aanjaag.

Raak betrokke asseblief en gaan loer gerus in op ons web tuiste vir volle besonderhede.

Sien julle op die pad.

Soet wees Betty

PS. Die laaste 14 meter is wat ons moet stap tot waar Dok Andre se vrou vir hom wag met koffie en n drukkie. Aaaaaaah....🥰
Pediatric Care Africa
Pediatric Care Africa
Storm alert - Preparing for Chalane!

Having caused massive flooding and heavy winds and killing 26 people in Madagascar a Tropical storm named Chalane is currently forecast to hit Mozambique on Wednesday 30th December 2020 at Beira.

This is the same city that was devastated by Cyclone Idai two years ago.

Some predictions including Global disaster Alert and coordination system, indicate that it could become a Tropical Cyclone with a speed of 120km per hour and could bring severe rainfall to the Provinces of Sofala, Manica, Zambezia and Inhambane and is expected to proceed towards Zimbabwe and Botswana.

We at Pediatric care Africa is closely monitoring this weather development and will respond to assist people affected if needed or asked to do so.

Should the need arise we will supply medical assistance, search and recovery assistance and 3 tons basic food supplies to assist persons injured or made homeless by this storm as an initial response.

Lets hope the winds calm and storm Chalane quiets down before landfall.