Successful surgery – Our last for 2022!!

Successful surgery – Our last for 2022!!

With only a few days before us closing for the festive season, we managed to arrange and pay for the surgery at Busamed day Hospital in Nelspruit, for this friendly 5 year old little girl traveling all the way from Witbank for her surgery.

Having suffered for months from severe throat infections, Dr Smook performed a tonsillectomy on this little girl, meaning she will have an infection and pain free festive season and beyond.

We are very happy we could assist her, as she deserves the absolute best in all ways.

Thank you very much to Nelanest who did the anaesthetics for us Pro Bona and Dr Smook a renowned ENT at Busamed in Nelspruit who once again assisted us pro bona with the surgery. Doctors we thank and salute you….!

Now it is time for Father Christmas to get ready to deliver presents to all the little ones that receive food parcels from us. Apparently no child was naughty this year, according to our well-placed sources…….



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