10 April 2024 Jacaranda FM – Good Morning Angels donation: assisting young burn victim through quality healthcare!

This morning, 10 April 2024, we were hugely blessed by Good Morning Angels with Martin Bester thanks to Sascha van Gelder from radio Jacaranda 94.2 in Nelspruit. Pediatric Care Africa received a very welcome and totally unexpected donation of R 100 000-00 that will go towards the new burn unit at Rob Ferreira Hospital. This will be the only dedicated burn unit in Mpumalanga and is a critical addition to the health services the public in Mpumalanga will have access to.

This donation will fill so many holes, and help so many children in Mpumalanga that a hundred thank you’s does not feel enough!

The very first thing we are doing, is to install the Stainless Steel bathtub in the new burn unit at Rob Ferreira hospital.

Once again a big thank you to radio Jacaranda and the whole team of Good Morning Angels!

Read more: https://www.jacarandafm.com/good-morning-angels/assisting-young-burn-victim-through-quality-healthcare/?fbclid=IwAR1VepCB6zNKr8nm95mLXkeiE9XRZnGunm9MbJFYxh8d7kRRdXi127pvZMY_aem_AUc3lEeiBPw24arltHM0sm1Casa_d9R2fLzbw2UOT681JGVyXjy5tY6vmHmVcOI6s6g

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