10 days to departure!!

10 days to departure!!!
As we are scrambling to get everything done for our 4th 7000km motorbike ride around South Africa, our mascots Olaf and Betty are keeping a close eye on things….
“Olaf” is a seasoned boy Mascot and have been around South Africa 3 times and is also our English “reporter” reporting to our English speaking friends and is a “what happen on the road, stays on the road” kind of a guy.
“Betty” is our girly Afrikaans reporter, reporting to all our Afrikaans friends during the trip. Betty is better known as ‘Betty die skinderbek” as your wife at home knows you are drinking beer, even before the waiter brought it to your table….
“Betty” also make sure that we obey all the traffic rules, wave and smile at idiot drivers and behave like gentleman all of the time….
“Olaf” on the other hand……
See you on the road soon.
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