100 000 meals delivered!!

100 000 meals delivered

The stats are in and we are proud to announce that we have surpassed the 100 000 mark as we have officially delivered the equivalent of 100 571 (One hundred thousand five hundred and seventy one meals) up to today. That is a whopping 35,200kg of food that was delivered door to door and hand to hand since the lockdown began on March 27th 2020.

Feeding more than 2500 people twice a month, is a mammoth, full time never ending food parcel after food parcel job and all credit and honours must go to all the Companies and people that supported us from the HCI Foundation/eNCA to GB2C, Crossing Nelspruit shopping Centre, Checkers, Pick & Take Fresh Produce,

Jacaranda FM Regional/Kagiso Media Hunger Relief “Good morning Angels”,  Sappi Ngodwana, Heidel Eggs, Origin farms and Mikon Farming to name only a few organizations and I wish to use this moment to thank all the private people who dropped food in our collection boxes, our farmers who donated literally tons of vegetables and fruit, other NG0’s who shared generously with us especially Community Can Challenge, Mercy Air, The COVID Flight, Mpumalanga Leadership Foundation and Katoen uitreik NPO REG. 214-413 etc.

You are our Heroes and we salute and thank each and every person that assisted us during these rather tough times.

I must confess that when things go back to “normal” again, I am not even going to pack my groceries in a bag in the supermarket, as it will remind me of a food parcel……

A man asked me why do we deliver food as we are a medical organization, and my answer to him is “food is medicine, as you are what you eat and if you don’t eat you are not”

Cheers to the next 100 000 meals!!

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