100 presents for Christmas…!!

100 presents for Christmas…!

Emnotweni Casino in Nelspruit has gifted us with more than 100 presents to hand out to poor children on Christmas day…!

How absolutely awesome is that…! Louise and Adam of Emnotweni Casino thank you very much for your kindness and selfless help throughout the year. You are true heroes….!

All presents are already wrapped and with the name of the child it is intended to on it, just waiting for Christmas day to arrive.

Father Christmas told us confidentially that he is making a special trip to Katoen in White River, Soli Deo-Gloria care centre and Paradise camp in Lydenburg on the 24th and 25th of December to deliver presents to all the kids who lives there….

Off course there are very well behaved kids in Brondal and Magalela squatter camp who must also expect a visit from the bearded man in red over the festive season.

Not sure who is the most excited, Father Christmas or the kids..?

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