300 food parcels received!

300 food parcels received!!

Pediatric care Africa received 300 food parcels from HCI Foundation and eNCA today for distribution in our community as part of the Lunchbox Fundraise initiative.

300 parcels feeds 1800 hungry persons for 2 weeks, if you assume that the average family size is 6 persons per family. We add vegetables and fruit to the parcels to make it stretch a bit further…..

We are very grateful to HCI Foundation and eNCA for making us part of their Lunchbox Fund initiative, and we will make sure every grain of food is fully accounted for.

We have started delivery of the Lunchbox Fund food parcels today, by delivering the first food parcel in Nelspruit and during the next 14 days or so, all food parcels will be delivered throughout Mpumalanga to persons in need of food.

300 food parcels, that is in one word “AWESOME”….!

Thank you HCI foundation and eNCA for this gift to our community…!

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