Another 4 tons of food delivered!!

Today we delivered 4 tons of food parcels to 100 families in Magalela informal settlement near White river, and this was all made possible by the generous food grant given to us by IDC (Industrial Development Corporation).

A very happy crowd gathered ID’s in hand and masks on their faces to collect their 40kg of food for each family, as part of our Covid 19 festive season food drive to ensure no child or parent goes and sleep hungry over the Christmas period.

The spray can of Mosquito repellent in the parcels was a very big hit with everyone, as the mosquitos have been very active after the recent rain.

IDC, your food grant gave many people food to eat for the next few weeks, and on their behalf we at Pediatric care Africa thank you very much.

Andre, Kevin and Sarel from Steelwings Lowveld MC worked very hard today, offloading food and ensuring every person receives their food parcels. Thank you Gentleman and I hope you are not too stiff tomorrow after the hard labour?

We are delivering our last food parcels and bulk food on Monday and Tuesday, then we are done for this year of 2020.


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