600 % increase in calls for help!

600% increase in calls for help!

After week one of lockdown we saw a massive 600%  increase in calls for help ranging from people who can not travel to Pretoria for their usual medical treatment, persons who could no longer pay their medical aid at the end of the month and requires medical assistance to persons without any food as they are not earning any money during the lockdown such as small business owners, car guards and so on….

We delivered over 5 tons of food and many thousands of Rands worth of medicines, baby food and nappies throughout Mpumalanga to babies, grandfathers, single moms, persons in care centres and squatter camps etc.

During this week we experienced the very best of humanity, with many persons and organizations making food and monetary contributions and donations to us, and that made it possible for us to help our fellow man in distress.

Hundreds of people have food to eat this weekend and dozens have received medicines to treat their ailments ranging from debilitating life threatening diseases to a skin rash and all thanks to the following people and organizations.

Steelwings MC

Origin Farms

Mikon farms

Giving Back 2 our Community (GB2C)

Aboos fresh produce

Pick & Take fresh produce



Anne Frank said it nicely “ No one has ever become poor by giving”

We salute you.

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