7000 km Charity motorbike ride 2023 for sick children!!!

7000 km Charity motorbike ride 2023 for sick children!!!

Doctor Andre has already done and completed 21000 km on his motorbike and 63 days in the saddle for charity and will add another 7000km and 21 days in the saddle in our 4th “Ride for a Child” 7000km charity motorbike ride around South Africa, to raise funds for the treatment and surgeries of sick children and for babies and toddlers without food.

We need our 4th charity motorbike ride to be big this year with hundreds of riders, as loud pipes saves lives, and that is the Gospel truth.

Please visit our website at www.pediatriccareafrica.org to see when we are riding through your area, province or town, and join us in mass as the children of South Africa needs YOU…!

We depart White River at the White river square shopping Centre on Sunday the 12th February 2023 at 09h00 and return to White River square shopping Centre (Pick n Pay) on 13h00 on 4th March 2023.

Our Children needs surgeries, medicine and baby food and for that we need your help please, as Doctors don’t save lives, money does!



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