7036 km!!!

7036 km!!!

7036km was the official total distance we travelled around South Africa in 21 days on the epic annual “Ride for a child” charity motorbike ride to collect money for children’s medical care and surgeries.

A long distance on a motorbike in the rain, wind, sun and even the tail end of a grasshopper plaque in the Kalahari and off course our now infamous potholes in some areas, some big enough to be confused with watering holes for animals….

Accompanied by the best motorcycle riding companions anyone can wish for, Andre Steinman and Kevin Gelderbloem from Steelwings Lowveld MC rode their motorbikes the entire route of 7036km with me, at their own cost and Andre had to take his annual leave to be able to accompany me and support Pediatric care Africa.

Sarel or “Stompie” as he is known to his friends, drove our back up vehicle every km of the route, but Sarel was much more than just a driver, he was also our road safety officer, protecting us from riots on the roads, road closures and animals on the road all the while having to navigate from way point to way point making sure we arrive on time every time, at appointments along the route and importantly our overnight spots.

To the above mentioned gentleman I owe a huge gratitude and I am proud to have ridden with them. The entire Pediatric care Africa team worked hard to organize and make this ride a reality, but I have to give a special thank you to Surika our secretary, who had to deal with thousands of whatsapps and e mails in the process and kept calm and smiling through it all.

The support we received all along our route visiting the most Northern, Western, Southern and Eastern points reachable by road bikes in South Africa was phenomenal and the people we have met and the friends we have made is absolutely awesome, and that is not a word I use often or lightly.

From the hundreds of motor cyclist that rode with us on part of the route to the Lodges and Hotels that sponsored our accommodation and the people who took us into their homes to feed us and listen to our stories, I thank you not only from me personally, but the children of South Africa that you are helping by helping us and supporting us.

Thank you all the people who donated to our cause no matter how big or small. South Africa, I can not wait to do it all again next year at the same time and meeting you all again at the same places and on the same roads.

All for our children!!


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