A poem of hunger!

A poem of hunger!

Day 146 of Lockdown and we were so busy nobody noticed that we have surpassed the 200 000 meal mark….!

In fact we have now delivered 72.2 tons of food which translates to 206 285 meals! (Two hundred and six thousand two hundred and eighty five meals) How awesome is that!! Our donors are superheroes for making this achievement possible.

To try and explain to you why we assist people during these challenging times and will not stop, I wrote you a little Poem that I read somewhere.

Children starving,

children and Mothers crying.


While the world just sits there,

thriving. Some stealing what is rightfully a child’s…..


Living in their own worlds,

without a care in the world.


Not worried because it’s not them

out there all alone, hungry and only a child.


Why should we care?

Who are they?

Take care of our own first.


But they are our own,

because we are all one.


We’ve got to take care of each other,

for if you don’t take care of them,


Who will take care of you?

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