After 1 year of Covid 19

After 1 year of Covid 19!

It feels like a lifetime, but it is only 1 year since our lives were turned upside down by a Virus named Covid 19 and in South Africa and for South Africans, the end is not in sight…..

Thousands and thousands of our people requires assistance every day now, as before lockdown it was only hundreds. “Newly poor” people have quadrupled in the past few months, meaning people that had a job before and could look after themselves independently and did not require any type of assistance.

Nelspruit  Spar Lowveld DC donated 900kg of +A porridge to us, which means that many smaller children will have nutritional food to eat, as the first load of +A porridge is going to be delivered together with 800kg of other foodstuffs and vegetables to Bettie’s Haven Orphanage in Nelspruit on Monday morning who takes care of small children.

Children requiring medical attention ranging from an Orthopaedic emergency, to a little baby with a severe ear infection to a child with hearing problems and the list carries on, had to be helped this week and next week is already booked full with Doctors appointments and food delivery schedules.

We only succeed to assist all of these people requiring assistance, because of the assistance we in turn receive from kind donors such as Nelspruit Spar Lowveld DC, Heidel Eggs and Pick & Take Fresh Produce and GB2C. GIVING BACK 2 our COMMUNITY (GB2C) was started by Crossing Shopping Centre- Nelspruit during the centre’s 16th Birthday in October last year. Several local businesses form part of GB2C including BUCO Hardware.Buildware, Nelspruit, Caltex/Omar Family, Mica Nelspruit, Crossing SuperSpar Nelspruit and the Visagie Groep amongst others.

Without assistance we are nothing but a website, and that is a sad reality.

“Doctors don’t save lives, money does” and a like doesn’t feed a child, and that is why we are so appreciative and grateful for the help we get from the folks above.

To all who make it possible to help the less fortunate and the sick, you are our Hero’s.

Thank you.

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