Awesome little girl!!

Awesome little girl!!!

This very lovable 7 year old young lady suffers from Cerebral palsy, and was seen by our Paediatrician and Clinical dietitian to establish both her medical and her dietary requirements.

She was evaluated by clinical dietitian Reon van Aardt at his offices in Nelspruit, and he closely discussed with the Mom and us what her dietary requirements are. Reon is not only a renowned clinical dietitian, but also a remarkably talented musician that can play various musical instruments and he sings like a pro. Completely unlike myself that have zero musical talent and if I sing in the shower the dogs growl at me….!

We have a wish list of goods this young lady requires in the short and long term, and if any Company or individual is willing to assist her, it would be absolutely splendid!

* Tins of Vanilla Pediasure as she currently drinks about 1 lt per day, and that will increase as she grows bigger. Our girl knows exactly what she likes and don’t drink any other flavour, than vanilla.

* It is a law of nature that what goes in must come out, so she also requires a few big packets of no 5 nappies per month.

* Physio therapy in addition to what she is currently receiving.

*Occupational Therapy in addition to what she is currently receiving.

*A cerebral palsy chair with tray.

*A electric adjustable hospital bed that she can learn to operate herself, as she cannot communicate that for example her back is sore, or she needs to change position.

* A positioning children’s wheelchair with tray. (As with all ladies her weight is confidential, and her length and weight is available on request if required for chair measurements.)

* We believe it takes a village to raise a child, therefore we are also looking for volunteers residing in Nelspruit area to baby sit our young lady on the rare occasion that her Mom and Grandma needs a bit of help. We will supply your details directly to Mom, so she can chat with you directly and at her discretion if and when she needs a bit of help.

Even super Mom’s get the flu and need a bit of help now and then.

Reon van Aardt, you are a scholar and a gentleman and we thank you very much for your dietary help and patience with our little girl.


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