Beautiful little girl receives a wheelchair and hospital bed!

The Folks from Skankane transport today delivered their absolutely awesome donation to little Charlene who is 7 years old and suffers from cerebral palsy.

Offloading a very heavy Hydraulic Hospital bed and adjustable children’s wheelchair in blistering Nelspruit heat and installing it in Charlene’s bedroom, the people from Skankane transport brought a moment of absolute magic into the life of this very lovable young girl.

Charlene can now visit a mall with her Granny and mother with ease, in her brand new fully adjustable wheelchair and her Mom no longer have to be constantly on alert that she will fall of her bed as her brand new Hospital bed is fully adjustable and have child safety rails to prevent her from accidentally falling of the bed.

Her life was instantly enriched and permanently changed by the awesome folks at Skankane transport.

We are working hard on obtaining a Cerebral palsy chair for this special little girl, so she can join her family at dinner and daily life and be truly part of family life.

Charlene requires a lot of physio therapy and Occupational therapy apart from what she is receiving at present and this charming young lady also requires no 5 Pamper nappies and Vanilla flavoured Pediasure monthly.

The tough guys at Skankane transport have soft hearts and you are true heroes and so is our very own Melany van der Merwe who made all this magic happen.

Thank you very much for your kindness to this adorable little girl.



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