Biker’s and Ouma’s and Oupa’s!

Biker’s and Ouma’s and Oupa’s!

Pediatric care Africa in association with Steelwings Lowveld (Steelwings MC Nelspruit) have teamed up to assist our elderly persons in our community that requires a bit of extra TLC and assistance during Lockdown and beyond.

We are a Pediatric organization, that only started to look after elderly people during the lockdown out of necessity, and we liked our Ouma’s and Oupa’s so much that we want to make them part of our daily life’s.

The idea of this informal programme is so that a caring member of Steelwings MC acts as a “chat buddy” who can speak to a elderly person that enrols in the programme telephonically from time to time, and check up on them to establish if they are in good health and spirits and to listen to them without judgement or criticism. A chat a day, keeps the Doctor away….

Who knows, maybe you will take your “Ouma” around the block on your bike one day…? How cool is a 84 year old “agteroppie.”? “Ahem”….no wheelies guys….!

Having someone interested in your wellbeing and caring about you, is something we all need from time to time and many of the very people that build this Country for us, are ignored neglected and pushed aside.

Motor bike riders are in my opinion and experience extremely charitable, caring, honest and down to earth people and that is exactly the type of people our Ouma’s and Oupa’s needs.

We hope to expand this idea throughout the Country eventually with bike clubs in town and cities everywhere.

Steelwings MC Nelspruit, thank you.


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