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Treasurer: Joyce Crompvoets ~mr. (Netherlands)

Joyce Crompvoets was born and raised in the Netherlands, where she obtained a Master’s degree in Law and worked at the District Court in Utrecht specializing in Family law.

Joyce met her husband in Zambia and now lives with him in South Africa.


Manages the finances of the organization.
Administrates the fiscal matters of the organization.
Provides the annual budget to the Board for members’ approval.
Ensures development and review of financial policies and procedures by
the board.
The Treasurer may also be employed full time/or as volunteer by the organization in another capacity.
The Treasurer must co approve in conjunction with the board of Directors the appointment of the Executive director.
The treasurer will comply with all good accounting practices and will ensure that the books of the organization is audited by an outside independent accounting firm before every annual meeting which is held near the end of February each year.