Challenging times!!

Challenging times!

Many desperate calls for help are streaming in from people that can no longer buy medicines for their children or themselves, Care centres that are running out of all essentials and food, a Mommy that cries on the phone as her 3 year old has not  have anything to eat since Monday, except tea and their last potato….

Leaving home early we travel long distances to help whoever we can reach and assist.

Our first stop today was delivering urgent food to Soli-deo-Gloria care Centre in Lydenburg where a large number of people live who require food and medical treatment, ranging from small babies to persons that I think knew Noah in person….

Stocking up their food stores with food thanks to a generous donation given to us by the Steelwings Motorbike Club in Nelspruit, the folks at this care centre has one less thing to worry about for a few days.

Rushing back to Nelspruit, to collect medicines from Van Heerden Pharmacy – Westend and purchasing baby milk and nappies for children standing in queues at Supermarkets just like everyone else, and in the process getting annoyed and worked up by the Hi-Tech female security guard on duty at the door of Crossings Spar letting her “friends” in by the hordes, whilst people in the queue stood and wait, some elderly and even a pregnant lady. When I asked her about it, she told me she doesn’t work in my kitchen and doesn’t have to answer me, and besides all the people she let in are Doctors, Nurses and Police officers and her boss told her they must all go in first. I told her I am a Doctor too and we are in fact two Doctors in the queue and find it surprising that we don’t know of this “unique privilege” to simply walk past everyone including a number of elderly persons and a pregnant woman, as there certainly is no notice on the door or on the radio or Newspapers announcing this “unique privilege” to us.

She mumbled “Umfana” to another male security guard and they both had a laugh, if you didn’t know “Umfana” means Baboon in siSwati…. I was called a Baboon by a Hi-Tech security lady, in the queue in front of Crossings Spar today and my blood is boiling……

And it is only day 6 of the lockdown…

Steelwings MC, you don’t only have impeccable taste in your motorbike choice, you are above  awesome donating such a wonderful amount to us, during this very time we need it most. Everyone at Soli-Deo-Gloria care Centre can sleep with full tummies tonight thanks to you… Respect to you all!

We are on our way to Barberton to deliver medicines and baby food to persons in desperate need.

Please stay indoors and stay safe folks.

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