Christmas Rush!

Christmas rush!

Our Christmas rush is in full swing as we are rushing to have all sick children seen by Doctors before they close for the holidays, and making sure

that all babies receive their baby milk to last them until January 2022 and off course all the children and toddlers that are out of school and no longer receiving any school meals, who rely solely on us to prevent them from going hungry or starve during the festive season.

What a year 2021 was and here a few quick stats on what kept us so busy.

3900 large tins of 1.8kg baby milk was distributed.

4700 boxes of baby food was distributed to small children.

Thousands of packets of fortified porridge such as Genesis, e pap, Pronutro etc was handed out to toddlers and children in food distress.

Since 2017 over 6000 people received free medical care from us, 1200 children was taken by us to be examined and treated by medical specialists

and private General practitioners.

89 children received free surgeries

Over 1.75 million meals was made available to people in food distress by way of food parcels.

We travelled 2500km by tractor and 7000km by Harley Davidson to collect funds to help children with surgeries and medical treatment.

And this is just a small snipped of what we have been up to in 2021 and all credit must go to all the persons and Companies that supported us through

this very difficult year.

Without you and your help, none of the above would have been possible.

We are closing today the 17th December 2021 till 10th of January 2022 for the festive season, but will still be handing out baby food up to the 24th December and off course father Christmas is coming to visit all the kids as well.

To all our volunteers, our staff and Donors who made everything possible, Merry Christmas and we wish you a Prosperous 2022.

A special thank you to GB2C, You are awesome………

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