Crime Stats: Three children killed every day in SA!

Crime Stats: Three children killed every day in SA!

PARLIAMENT – The latest crime statistics released by the SA Police Service (SAPS) in Parliament on Thursday revealed a spike in the number of children murdered.

The crime statistics are for the period April 1 last year to March 31 this year.

The number of children killed in South Africa increased to 1014 (up 2.9%), meaning about 3 children die every day as a result of murder.

Sexual offences against children accounted for 24,387 (up 3.8%) of the reported crimes against minors, while 1,184 children were the victims of attempted murder (up 11.8%).

Police investigated 7,815 cases of assault with the intent to cause grievous bodily harm (up 3.3%) and 10,829 cases of common assault (up 3.7%) involving children.

Statistics are clinical data and so easy to be ignored, but each number represents a child with a broken body, trauma, destroyed life or a child living in pain or fear.

As part of what we do here at Pediatric care Africa, we take care of the medical needs of children effected by crimes against them if their parents are financially/physically unable to assist them, there is no appropriate medical facility available to them or the service they have received are sub-standard or inappropriate.

Going to a clinic or Hospital is no guarantee of professional treatment, and that is very unfortunate…

Every child deserves the best medical care and assistance if things go wrong in his/her life. They can’t help themselves but we can!

“Children should be seen and not HURT”

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