Critical medicines supplied!!

Critical medicines supplied!

A very friendly 15 year old young lady with a chronic life altering disease, urgently required medicines as her medicines ran out. She normally travels to the Steve Biko Hospital in Pretoria every month with her Mom for treatment and medicines, but due to the travel ban she could not travel and the Barberton Hospital does not have the medicines she requires.

Armed with her prescription from her Doctor in Pretoria we managed to obtain all the medicines she needed, and was happy to deliver it to her home in Barberton. “Mom”, you can be very proud of your awesome daughter as she is an inspiration to us and it was a pleasure to have met her!

Whilst in Barberton, we delivered essential baby food and something for another Mom and Dad that requires a helping hand in this tough times and in the process met some more friendly Barberton residence.

Having no time to waste, I raced back to Nelspruit to collect a vegetable donation from Aboos fresh produce then on to White river to pick up a 100kg donation of chicken breasts that was donated to us by Mikon farming, that needed to be delivered immediately before it can defrost.

Our next stop was Katoen care centre where we managed to deliver perfectly frozen chicken and crispy vegetables to the Katoen kitchen that prepares all the meals for the residence stuck in lockdown in their tents and houses on the property.

Early start to deliver 1 ton of vegetables to Magalela as they have no food and no money to buy food. To prevent persons living there from wondering around searching for food and medicines contracting or spreading Covid-19 we have to help them.

Aboos fresh produce and Mikon farming, we do not know how to thank you for your generosity to poor and sick people in lockdown.

One week down and only two weeks to go, so keep on smiling and stay safe by staying indoors.

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