Day 161 and 217428 meals delivered!

Day 161 and 217428 meals delivered!

Day 161 of Covid 19 lockdown with no real end in sight, GB2C help to make it possible for us to continue assisting persons in food crisis and for us to deliver an astonishing 76.1 tons (76100 kg) of food or the equivalent of 217428 meals…!

We have added some e’Pap to each food parcel that we recently received from the Rotary Club of White River and people love it….!! Thank you!!

A food parcel consist of the following items: 1 x 12kg bag of dried/non-perishable food and 12 eggs. 1 x 12.5kg maize meal. 1 x 5kg orange bag full of vegetables. 1 x bag of citrus and finally 1.5kg of frozen chicken. We are very proud that we always manage to supply people in food distress enough food to last them for 14 days and enough to feed a family of 5, and off course we always try and supply people with farm fresh vegetables and seasonable fruit.

Care centres receive bulk food of up to 2 tons including delicious polonies and Vienna’s from Eskort Butchery Nelspruit as they have central kitchens and cooling facilities.

GIVING BACK 2 our COMMUNITY (GB2C) was started by Crossing Shopping Centre Nelspruit during the centre’s 16th Birthday in October last year. Several local businesses form part of GB2C including BUCO Hardware.Buildware, Nelspruit, Caltex/Omar Family, Mica Nelspruit, Crossing SuperSpar Nelspruit and the Visagie Groep amongst others.

Our sponsors and donors are officially life saving heroes, and we do not have the words to thank you all….!!!!

Now, for the next 161 days……..?

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