Food delivery and assistance during Lockdown!

Food delivery and assistance during Lockdown!

With national lockdown due to the Corona virus now imminent we had to deliver food to vulnerable children and people to last them through the lockdown period.

As we at Pediatric care Africa provide an essential Medical and food distribution service to vulnerable people, we will continue to operate as usual throughout the period of lockdown, to provide a medical service to not only children, but due to the National crisis also to vulnerable adults in distress.

Armed with all required legal documents (hopefully?) and masks, gloves and bottles of disinfectant etc, we are ready to continue helping our fellow South Africans and communities assisting sick people or people in quarantine during this unusual and trying times.

As a precaution any child or adult with flu like symptoms, or that have been in contact with a person that is suspected or have tested positive for Covid-19, will be presumed contagious and all legal and medical requirements/procedures will be adhered to and followed to the letter by us. We will explain it to you in detail what is legally required when you phone us for assistance with a sick person, so please work with Surika van der Merwe as she can NOT change the law or make any exceptions.

We will get through this crisis as a people and a Country, if we all work together and stand together during this time.

If you have extra food that you simply can not use, please donate it to a fellow citizen and member of our local community that does not have food.

Stay safe please folks.


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