Food is life!

Food is life!

We received another very welcome and very much needed non-perishable food donation from GB2C.

As we are gearing up to resume our medical outreaches at Care centres and informal settlements throughout Mpumalanga, this donation is especially welcome and will be distributed at our Medical outreaches, as we identify children that is either starving, malnourished or underfed and food from this donation will be handed over to their mothers or legal guardians to enable them to feed the children that is in food distress. The identified children will then receive food on a monthly basis until the parents are able to support themselves and their children.

This very welcome donation we received are from the local Lowveld initiative, GIVING BACK 2 our COMMUNICTY (GB2C), that was started by Crossing Shopping Centre Nelspruit during the centre’s 16th Birthday in October last year. Several local businesses form part of GB2C including Buco Nelspruit., the Tom le Roux Family, the Omar Family, Mica Nelspruit, Crossing SuperSpar Nelspruit and the Visagie Groep amongst others.

We cannot thank you enough for your continuous support and generosity towards us and the hungry people we serve, and we will ensure that every milligram of food is delivered to persons with a definite need for food, during this very trying times.

If you cannot save a hundred children, then at least save one….


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