Fundraising project Antoniusschool Maashees, The Netherlands in the week 17 – 21 December 2018.

The kids from group 7-8 of the Antoniusschool in Maashees, The Netherlands came up with a great initiative! Inspired by our Christmas project for the kids from Katoen, Msholozi, they started very enthusiastically collecting empty plastic bottles! By returning these bottles to the supermarkets they received the incredible amount of € 240,00.

It is touching to see how these children start initiatives to help less fortunate children on the other side of the equator!
We at Pediatric Care Africa want to thank all who participated in this great initiative and for their support! With your help and the money you raised we can organize a nice Christmas dinner for them and their parents! Each child will also receive a Christmas present and a sweetie bag from Father Christmas.

Because of your help the children in Katoen, Msholozi will have a very nice Christmas this year! You are HERO’S!!!

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