It’s a rainy day!!


Good MORNING – OLAF the “RAIN-bear” reporting for duty.

It is day 14 – 6 days then we are home again!

YESTERDAY… dit was nat… onderbroek DIEP-nat we were riding in the rain for most of the day.

Andre adjudicated a ROOSTERKOEK COMPETITION – the results 🥁 “altwee was baie lekker; scores 9,2 & 9,7”

TJ & TECHNO had a bit of a challenge with the NAV-VI doing it’s own thing THAT was sorted early evening with a factory reset.

Jan is facing the OLAF complaints commission for neglecting to talk to OLAF in the Cruiser … “wie praat nou met n pop, as ek sulke pragtige vriendinne kan hello se by die mall… “ well Jan Olaf is very upset after 4049Km of true companionship and perseverance your choose … 🤡.

Tannie Betsie – the most awesome supporter brought some lekker stuff we will be giving to children… AND she earned her badge for riding with Andre… OLAF got a lekker hug and kiss “there is nothing like a oumas love…”

Today we ride 325 Km to PE BUUUUT we will meet some bikers on the road… oom Felix came all the way from his farm to say hi last night and to confirm the venue for departure today @ 8:45.

Can you fly with STEELWINGS… ja magtig TJ kan jy nie onthou daai tannies met die pink in Witrivier nie… vandag gaan Roelof saam ride… ek hoop nie hy dra ook so pienk “outfit” nie 🤗… ons het genoeg daar in die mall gesien… 😚.

We will be going to our very FIRST BIKE-FEAST in JAYBAY today… I’m sure there will be plenty of bikes. Some bikers from PE are meeting with us including the very famous 911RIDERS (oom Felix se vriende)

And tonight …. ons se liewer meer more.

Have a blessed day and be safe.

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