Lydenburg Outreach 20 July 2019

On Saturday the 20th July 2019 Pediatric care Africa visited Soli-Deo-Gloria care Centre in Lydenburg.

Dr Soretha du Plessis accompanied us to a chilly Lydenburg to look after a number of patients living at Soli-Deo-Gloria. She was kept very busy and saw 20 patients ranging from babies to Grandmothers. Thank you very much Dr Soretha for all your kindness and help. We and the patients appreciates you very much…!

Whilst at Soli-Deo-Gloria we delivered about 840kg of non-perishable foods to the residents and filled up their food store, ensuring the persons living at Soli-Deo-Gloria will sleep with full bellies for a while.

It was like always a pleasure to visit and help the friendly residents of Soli-Deo-Gloria and we would like to continue doing so.

We at Pediatric care Africa had a very busy week arranging surgeries and medical treatment for a number of children, whilst delivering and distributing baby food to small children in desperate need of food and formula.

Our youngest “client” this week was 3 weeks old and our oldest was 82 years old. Even though we concentrate on children, we find it impossible to look the other way when a 82 year old is sick and hungry……

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