Magalela squatter camp on Hazy view road

On Wednesday the 14th August we paid our first visit to Magalela squatter camp outside White river on the Hazy view road.

This was our first visit to introduce our NGO to them and to first hand ascertain and discuss their needs, especially regarding the children residing at Magalela.

We ascertained that there is + 90 children living at this squatter camp and that they have no easy access to a clinic or medical treatment for sick children as their nearest clinic is in White river about 10km away. We will continue to assist this community with their medical needs and dietary needs of the children as and when possible

We delivered +- 1200kg food and clothing to the residents at Magalela squatter camp. Most of the clothing they received was a generous clothing donation we in turn received from Katoen.

Very friendly persons living at this squatter camp and we were received with open arms and warm smiles.

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