Medical Outreach in Brondal, Mpumalanga

On Saturday 13th July 2019 we conducted a large medical outreach to the residents of Brondal squatter camp.

A total of 17 medical and non-medical volunteers from StepMed in Nelspruit and Church Unlimited Nelspruit joined forces with Pediatric care Africa at Brondal in Mpumalanga. Brondal consist of +- 300 shacks with a population of about 2500 persons of which +250 are children.

We examined and treated dozens of children and as many adults.

Patients where seen and attended to by a highly professional and proficient group of volunteers consisting of a Doctor, Physiotherapists, Occupational therapists, Dieticians, Audiologist and nursing sisters.

One little 2 year old girl with a umbilical hernia requires corrective surgery and another little 3 year old girl with undiagnosed Cerebral palsy urgently need to see a Paediatrician and Neurologist, so she can receive the correct treatment and physio therapy/occupational therapy and dietary supplements. This little girl is immobile and requires a wheelchair as she is getting a bit heavy for her mom to carry everywhere.

Children and adults were entertained by volunteers by giving them face paintings, handing out toys and playing a round of cricket with the waiting patients to make their wait a little easier.

Pediatric care Africa also delivered 2.5 tons of goods ranging from non-perishable food and water, toys and clothing to the residents of Brondal to make their lives a little easier.

Thank you very much to every single person that offered up their Saturday to assist us and the residents of Brondal squatter camp. You are awesome!!

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