Paradise Caravan Park in Lydenburg

On Saturday the 14th September, whilst visiting Solio deo-Gloria in Lydenburg on our monthly visit, we where told about another camp and group of people in Lydenburg that requires medical and food assistance.

We were shown the way by persons from the seventh day Adventist church to the Paradise caravan park in Lydenburg where we encountered about 150 persons in 35 makeshift houses of which 25 are children of all ages and a severely disabled young lady suffering from cerebral palsy.

After chatting to a number of residents, we went back to Soli deo-gloria to fetch Dr. Soretha Du Plessis to see a number of children requiring medical attention.

We were asked by the residents of this makeshift camp, for food and medical assistance, and we will include them on out regular visit to Lydenburg and is arranging a medical outreach to Paradise Caravan park.

Paradise caravan park camp is a mixture of makeshift houses consisting of 70% white residents and 30% black residence as far as we could gather during our first visit.

Conditions in this camp is very difficult and we will support its residence as much as we can.


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