Pediatric Care Africa visits Soli-Deo-Gloria Care Centre in Lydenburg on 15th May 2019

On Wednesday morning the 15th of May 2019 we loaded our 1 ton bakkie and 2 ton trailer full with food, water, blankets, clothing, toys etc and left for Soli-Deo-Gloria Care Centre in Lydenburg.
On arrival we were met by very friendly residents aand we were impressed with the neatness of this Care Centre and how well organized it is run.
It is fantastic to see the excitement and happiness in the people’s eyes when the food and goods were offloaded. They told us that they had been praying for food as they were just about to run out of food supplies. The blankets were also extremely welcome since winter is here and Lydenburg nights can be very cold!
We are very happy that we could support this community today. We can sleep a bit more peacefully knowing that these people sleep warm tonight and with a full tummy.
Soli-Deo-Gloria Care Centre is a wonderful place that looks well after people who need a safe haven!

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