Post Covid medical outreach!!

Post Covid medical outreach!!

Our first large medical outreach finally happened after the easing of restrictions of hard lockdown and moving to level 1.

Volunteers ranging from a renowned ENT and well known Paediatrician to nursing staff, Occupational therapist, Dentist even a retired neuro surgeon and volunteers from Church Unlimited @ Nelspruit helping with making hot dogs, handing out food to patients after they saw the Doctor, to persons painting children’s faces and keeping the active ones busy on a jumping castle and teaching the little ones about rugby.

To conduct a medical outreach in which we see all sick children and adults in an entire informal settlement, take the combined effort of many volunteers and the generosity of as many donors such as GB2C who made it possible to supply medicines to all the children.

Thank you Dr Smook and Dr Charles Mutenda who made seeing one patient after the other seems easy and effortless, and Karla of Stepmed Nelspruit who’s masterly organizational skills and willingness to help brought all the volunteers together.

Supplying medicines and food to each and every child up to the age of 18 was made possible only by the generosity of FoodForward SA, Eskort Butchery Nelspruit, Mario’s Butchery and Superette and especially GB2C who made it possible for us to purchase and supply all the OTC medicines and prescription medicine to every child as well as all t

Each child today received packs of ePap, 12.5kg maize meal, 1 box Amway Nutrilite, soft toys, hot dogs, bottle of Squeeza cooldrink, chips and cakes. The ePap we received from the Rotary Club of White River is highly nutritional and combined with Amway Nutrilite gives a good immune system booster to adults and children alike. We found it increases the breast milk production in lactating mothers, which is awesome for the little ones.

Thank you very much to all these absolutely awesome volunteers and donors who made this medical outreach a great success.

GIVING BACK 2 our COMMUNITY (GB2C) was started by Crossing Shopping Centre Nelspruit. Several local businesses form part of GB2C including BUCO Hardware.Buildware, Nelspruit, Caltex/Omar Family, Mica Nelspruit, Crossing SuperSpar Nelspruit and the Visagie Groep amongst others.

It truly takes a village to raise a child.


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