Preparedness for Covid-19!

Preparedness for Covid-19!

Pediatric care Africa recognizes the very real potential effect of the Corona virus on our local communities and we are hard at work with contingency plans to assist our own Communities in the event that people especially in camps test positive.

Preparedness is the absolute key to success and as part of our mandate on disaster response, we are getting prepared to spring into action when required.

We have many very vulnerable people living in very close proximity in squatter camps and care Centres and they are very much exposed and unprotected.

To give an hypothetical example, if one person in Soli Deo-Gloria care centre tests positive, that whole community will not be allowed to leave the premises, which may very well have a devastating effect as the residence ages range from a few months old to 80 years old. I must stress that there is NO case of Covid-19 at Soli Deo-Gloria, and I used them strictly as an hypothetical example.

Effected camps and people will need immediate help and support with food and care, and we at Pediatric care Africa with your help need to give it to them, whilst fully cooperating with government rules and advice in the process.

Pediatric care Africa is involved with 4 squatter camps totalling more than a 1000 people supplying medical care and food, and that is only the tip of a rather big iceberg.

Hungry and scared people are very likely to leave the area of quarantine to find food and medicine potentially spreading the Virus as they go, so we at Pediatric care Africa need to assist them and make 100% sure they receive food and care so they don’t have to leave their quarantine area to try and survive.

I personally know every single person in for example Soli Deo-Gloria care centre, and will do whatever I can to prevent any harm to befall anyone of them.

I want to plead with folks out there that do not believe this virus is a problem, the earth is not flat and this virus is not to be ignored…..

Folks we will need large quantities of food please.

If you are able to spare any form and quantity of food or required item please donate it to us, or if you live too far away from us please make a small donation to us so we can buy the required items.

Persons in Nelspruit and White river can drop their donations at Pick and Pay W/R into our trolley at the entrance or drop it at our offices in Plaston road.

Larger donations can be collected by us from your premises if required or can be delivered to our stores.

For monetary donations please visit our website

Thank you!

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