Ready to face the world out there!

Ready to face the world out there!

Olaf” our brave Mascot, travels everywhere Pediatric care Africa goes, to help sick and hungry people during the Covid-19 lockdown…

Today we are delivering 500kg of emergency food to TJ Mare at the Nelspruit community forum where 90 people are receiving food during the lock down period, after which we will purchase more food from Spar Grove thanks to a much needed and very welcome cash donation we have received from a donor to assist with food buying.

If you or your children are sick or have flu like symptoms and cannot afford too, or go to the Doctor on your own steam, please get in touch with our office and we will attempt to help if possible, but please do not neglect flu like symptoms you may have.

Please follow the rules and don’t expose anyone else to your sniffles and flu.

During emergency situations such as with the Covid-19 endemic, we at Pediatric care Africa also assist adults who exhibit flu like symptoms or is in quarantine to get medical help and if needed food and medicines.

We are a community, so please let us help each other in this trying and testing times we are all experiencing.

Stay safe, stay wise and keep on smiling!


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