Sappi and coffee with Grannies!

Sappi and coffee with Grannies!!

We were very pleasantly surprised by a very needed and welcome donation, of highly nutritious breakfast porridge of no less that 1000 one kg bags of porridge we received from Sappi Ngodwana /Ngodwana Mill.

Easy to make and packed full of nutrition this is an ideal meal for especially children and the elderly, during this very trying times. Awesome..!!

Thank you very much Sappi/Ngodwana Mill, we will make sure every gram goes where it is needed most..!

Early morning and we are getting ready for todays deliveries to families in need. Today we do mostly older people in the Nelspruit and White river area as they are very vulnurable.

To all the “Ooms and Tannies” out there, put on the coffee water we are on our way!

If you cannot feed a hundred people, then feed just one!

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