Severe leg pain!!

Severe leg pain!!

This young girl suffered from severe varicose veins in her one leg, causing her aching pain and discomfort.

Childhood lower extremity varicose veins (LEVV) in children, is not something that can ever be ignored as it may be a symptom and a signal of an underlying circulatory problem.

We asked Dr Gideon van Wyk from Vein Solutions South Africa for assistance, and he agreed to examine and treat this young girl on a pro bona basis.

Dr Gideon van Wyk a specialist surgeon, who is one of very few highly trained and skilled vein specialists in South Africa and his remarkable team, visits White river every few months and this morning they conducted a thorough doppler examination and then treated our young patient.

She will receive a follow up examination and treatment if required in September.

Thank you very much Vein Solutions for your help and patient dedication, you are not only this little girls hero but ours too.



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