St Thomas children’s home!

St Thomas children’s home!

During our stay over in Durban on our charity motorbike ride around South Africa, we visited the St. Thomas’ Home for Children children’s home to bring a little cheer and excitement into their lives.

Due to Covid regulations we could not give them rides on our motorbikes as we did last year, but they could start and sit on our bikes and off course meet Olaf and Betty as well.

We handed over some back to school goodies to each child that we brought with all the way from White River, and Pick n Pay vouchers we received from Pick n Pay Family White River for them.

On our way to St Lucia which is our final extreme point on our ride around South Africa, as we have then visited the most Northern, Eastern, Southern and Western points in South Africa reachable by a street bike.

By visiting the extreme points we draw an imaginary circle around the children of South Africa, to show them that we care.

6000km behind us and only 1000km to go before we arrive back in White river on Saturday the 6th March 2021.



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