St Thomas home for children!

St Thomas home for children

In Durban we were invited to visit the St Thomas home for children and what fun it was to visit with the little ones…!

Our bikes caused great excitement amongst the children and everyone loved our mascot Olaf who was the main attraction, including the staff.

The children ranging in ages from 2 to about 6 or so, entertained us with songs and high fives whilst we delivered cool drinks, buckets of ice cream, sweeties and two bags full of soft toys for them.

One little boy was immensely impressed with TJ’s BMW and could not stop looking at it and I think he is a future BMW client…

Unfortunately we cannot show any children’s faces on the photos but they had a absolute ball riding around behind TJ and myself on our motorbikes, while “oom Jan” handed out Ride for a Child badges to children that finished their bike rides, and helping the next little one on the motor bikes.

The staff hopped on for a ride as well and we left them with smiles on their faces and some hyper excited and sugared up children to try and calm down again….😀

St Thomas, you are our hero’s for looking after all the little ones when no one else would.

Olaf had his first taste of Indian food and Roti today, whilst we had our bikes washed as they were real dirty after +5000km.

Our next stop St. Lucia!!!

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