The soft side of Woolies!!

The soft side of Woolies!

Woolworths in I’langa mall in Nelspruit donated these very special personalized gifts for children living in an orphanage in Keimoes in the Northern Cape.

These very special gifts will be given to the children living in the orphanage on behalf of Woolworths when we visit the orphanage on the 21st February as part of our “Ride for a Child” charity ride.

The People from Woolworths in I’langa mall is sending gifts to orphaned children they have never met, hundreds of kilometres away in Keimoes…..!!

Every package is beautifully packed with every individual child’s name on it.

How special is that…!

“OLAF” our Mascot is going along to visit the children as well, and his “job” is to take care of these precious packages and to make sure they reach their destination safely. I do not know if there are sweeties in the packages as well, but it makes me a little concerned as OLAF loves sweeties and he sits with them in the back of the bakkie alone…..?

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