Toilet project postponed!

Toilet project postponed!

We finished digging the 3m deep pits for the 4 new pit toilets that was donated to us by Emnotweni Casino, at Magalela squatter camp but had to stop our activities, due to the Corona virus threat.

Erecting toilets is new for us, as it is not normally something that we would do, but when Emnotweni Casino offered the opportunity, we grabbed it with both hands as it will definitely create a much safer environment for the children and adults living at Magalela squatter camp.

There are hundreds of people living at the camp and we are highly concerned about the children living there, that have absolutely no toilet facilities and that is exposed to raw sewage day in and day out.

With the Corona virus threat, we had to reluctantly postpone the project to a later date when the threat has diminished and life has gone back to “normal”.

Stay safe and healthy by following common sense and good advice please…..

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