Tons of Citrus and Avo’s!

Tons of Citrus and Avo’s!!

Indigo fruit farming T/A Twycross Citrus packers has donated tons of the most beautiful sweet Navels, Naartjies and Avo’s to us over the past few weeks.

Farm fresh and packed with goodness, it was exactly what the Doctor ordered to help hundreds of families through the winter and lock down. Citrus fruits are very rich in multiple nutrients and great in supporting a person’s immune system and avocado’s are incredibly nutritious and for interest sake contain more potassium than bananas and a total of 20 different vitamins and minerals, go figure that!

When poor and struggling people have access to all of this awesome citrus and avo’s, they are thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated by all who receive it.

Indigo Fruit Farming T/A Twycross citrus packers thank you very much for your generosity over the past few weeks, you have made a huge health impact on thousands of persons when they needed it most and brought smiles to as many faces.

“It’s your life; live it well…….”

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