Tons of urgent food!

Tons of urgent food!!

Responding to a call for help from the kind people of Soli-Deo-Gloria care centre in Lydenburg, we loaded 2 tons of goods and sat of to Lydenburg early on Sunday morning to bring much needed relief to our friends at Soli-Deo-Gloria care centre.

Whilst all the able bodied persons offloaded the food, vegetables, baby food and some Woolworths clothing, I had time to deliver special baby milk, nappies and other goodies to the youngest resident at the care centre, who is a very beautiful little baby girl with the friendliest face and smile you have ever seen. We have been delivering milk and baby goodies to her for a few months now, and it is great to see how she is growing like a weed and how well cared for this little girl is.

My wife said I must stop chatting about the little girl only, and write about the food we delivered and the very kind people that made this possible by donating it to us, so we in turn can help people in need.

All the vegetables was donated by Gerrit & Louize Greveling and I don’t think Gerrit and Louize realize the impact they made today in the live of the persons living at Soli-Deo-Gloria care centre.

Your donation was a life saver today!

“Now” have I told you about a beautiful little girl with the most amazing smile living in a care centre in Lydenburg…..?

Thank you, to all the kind folks that made it possible for us to help this special group of people.

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