Update from Dr Andre Hattingh regarding the current situation in Mozambique

Dr. Andre Hattingh gives us an update regarding the current situation in Inchope, Chimoio and surrounding villages in Sofala province, Mozambique.

After looking around I saw no government or NGO rescue or humanitarian service here around Inchope and surrounding areas.
I went back to the village outside Inchope on the Beira road to show them how to repair their roofs with black bags.

I have been asked by villagers to help sick people and they showed me 8 people injured as a result of cyclone Idai lying under a plastic shelter. We converted the Land Cruiser into a ambulance and took them to Chimoio district hospital in Chimoio about 60km away. They have an undamaged hospital and electricity and I will be going up and down today taking as many injured persons I can find in Inchope and surrounding villages to this hospital in Chimoio. I was asked by the Medical director if I could assist in surgeries, and I told him I would if he can get me official permission from the medical council to perform surgeries etc. Awaiting their answer I will be finding sick and injured people to bring to Chimoio.
Inchope and surrounding areas are mostly destroyed and I would say 70% of the population is effected, with lots and lots of buildings without roofs. There is no electricity or safe water.

Will be in touch from time to time.

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